Tuesday Topics: Weight Watchers & Shakeology

Hi Guys!

How’s this week been treating you so far?  Two days in and I can happily say that this week is MUCH better than last!  I think I almost had a nervous breakdown with how crazy work was last week.  It was exhausting!  I’m still ironing out a few issues over here, but at least I don’t feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest!


Tuesday Topics:

On Friday I mentioned that I would discuss the topics of Weight Watchers Online & Shakeology.

Weight Watchers is still working really well for me. Dare I say I’m “HAPPY”?!?! I haven’t tracked any macros in about two weeks now, which has been mentally freeing for me. My mindset is to just make healthy choices while trying to listen to what my body really wants, instead of forcing it to eat certain things at certain times.

A great example of how well the plan works was two weekends ago when we celebrated The Boyfriend’s birthday.  In celebration of his birthday, we went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night. I enjoyed a few glasses of wine along with my dinner and made the best choices from the menu. I allowed myself to sample the gelato that was brought out to the group for dessert and didn’t feel a bit guilty.  Sunday morning we headed to brunch at the Fifth Season in Port Jefferson to meet up with my siblings.

5th Season

We then had dinner with the boyfriend’s family on Sunday night. So, there were three meals over the weekend that were out of my control, but I made the healthiest choices I could while still indulging a bit. I even had a piece of Carvel ice cream cake (the chocolate crunchies are just as good as I remember them being) to celebrate the summer birthdays. You know what? I lost a pound! It just goes to show that we don’t have to be so rigid, extreme or unrealistic with our eating in order to reach our goals.

The 80/20 rule seems to be the right fit for my lifestyle right now.

The majority (about 80%) of the time I make healthy, clean food choices and then I allow myself that 20% for some less healthy choices.  Just knowing that I don’t always have to be “perfect” has taken a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.  I actually just commented to The Boyfriend over the weekend that I’m happy that I haven’t had as many emotional breakdowns lately.  He agrees that there has been a noticeable change in me.  When he asked what brought the change on I simply stated that it was following the Weight Watchers plan.

When I think about it now, it’s more than just following Weight Watchers.  My mind had to be in the right place.  I had to move away from those unrealistic, extreme expectations that I placed upon myself.  That was the most difficult part for me.  If you remember, I announced that I was going to follow Weight Watchers and then quickly thought about following a more strict, fitness competitor plan almost in the same breath.  I’m so glad that I pushed through my inner demon and didn’t let it control me this time!

That being said, I also found a trick that seems to help me get through the late night without any binges.  It could totally be in my mind, but after I started drinking Shakeology my nighttime binges drastically decreased.

I drink Shakeology for breakfast a lot during my morning commute to the office.  It makes my morning routine much simpler, fills the belly faster and allows me to get right into my work once I arrive at the office without having to miss a meal.


However, I’ve also been drinking it almost every night as my after dinner snack.  I throw a scoop of the powder in with about a cup of water (and add more as needed), ½ of a frozen banana & lots of ice.  Sometimes it comes out the consistency of soft serve.  It’s truly delish & only 3 Points Plus (additional ingredients may add points)!  I love the chocolate & vanilla flavors.


Anyway, I could be having a binge craving and as soon as I have my shake it disappears.  It’s almost as if my body is being nourished with what it needs and there’s no more need for the binge.  I’m sure that with all of the years of dieting my body was missing out on a ton of nutrients.  This just seems to work for me.  I’m glad that I found something that helps!  If you have similar binge issues, message me and we can see if Shakeology might help.  It’s worth a shot, right?  Overall, it provides great nutrition for everyone.


Following Weight Watchers, drinking Shakeology and getting my workouts in are all part of the plan for my Fired Up For Fall Challenge, beginning Monday, August 5th.  My goals and plan of attack will be announced later this week.  Who’s joining me?  I’d really love for others to join so we can keep each other accountable, finish summer on the right foot and start the fall season strong!  Before you know it, the holidays will be here with the temptation of yummy treats, more on the good ol’ To-Do list, and the camera being pulled out left and right during an abundance of get-togethers.  I know I want to look great in those pictures!  Do you?


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